‘Rumah Kayu’

Where your furniture meet its home

Being our upcoming and most-anticipated project, the production of Rumah Kayu was started from a simple idea. We want to build something that can bind our furniture together as well as creating an affordable, easy to build, sustainable, and durable living space. The inspiration behind our Rumah Kayu was from the growing number of small living space complete with compact and functional furnishing in Indonesia. We also would like to participate in the market of ongoing innovation as one of our motivation. The ideas then combined with the creative vision of our team and soon after, we begin the construction of Rumah Kayu as our newest project.


Our Rumah Kayu was constructed with the combination of light wood, hardwood, and steel. The construction would require minimum space as well as faster time for your convenience. We keep the design of the house to be simple and minimalist, yet will still be flexible for your every need. Our Rumah Kayu is also possible for any customization to be fit with your every project. Along with your request, we hope to build Rumah Kayu and make the place your home.

Our Rumah Kayu project has also encouraged us as a company to create an affordable housing for many communities. Knowing that Indonesia is located on many quake-zone, we also plan to participate in creating earthquake-resistant Rumah Kayu for the further development of our project. Rumah Kayu project is also possible for prospects in the tourism sector. We will assist our customer and partners in constructing the Rumah Kayu based on their requirements. 

Our Project

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