We are a small part of the community. The development and growth of our company are the result of the people around us. We want to share our success as well as give them back as our gratitude for all the people involved through community building. We believe a strong connection with our community will strengthen us as a local-based exporting company.


Without a sustainable environment, we would not be able to live and grow. We have chosen to bear the concern for the environment, which help us ensure that the planet will still be livable for many generations to come. We are taking actions by replanting our raw materials and establishing a minimal waste process. Our actions might be small, but with maximum effort, we believe that we can preserve the world for tomorrow.


The next generations are the leaders of tomorrow. By the year of 2030, Indonesia will be a country with a bonus demography. We want to ensure the needs and rights of our youth to be fulfilled. By providing non-formal education and training around business, their future is ours to shape too.