The Origin

Seradjati (pronounced: Se-ra-ja-tee) is a furniture brand designed and manufactured by PT. Rimba Sentosa Persada. Started as CV. Rimba Sentosa in 1995, our company was once an Indonesian local furniture supplier. In 2015, with 20 years of experience in the business, PT. Rimba Sentosa Persada was established to further realize improvement and make our vision feasible.

Greetings from CEO



Started as an Indonesian local furniture supplier based in Central Java, we have grown to be a large furniture manufacturer and exporter that employs more than 300 workers in 4 factories.


Once, we were only using manual working technique. Through time, we are now using automated machinery that helps us shorten the production time and enhance our precision.

We have recruited employee with different expertise including professional designer, machinery technician, and product developer to support us in facing the constantly-changing furniture market.


Back in time, we only worked with bigger companies in supplying their smaller furniture parts. Now, we have become an independent furniture manufacturer that does in-house production, from raw material handling to product packaging.



Customer Centric

By using advanced information sharing, your ideas during every process will be heard anytime, anywhere.


We learn to be more adaptable through the investment of automatic machinery and information sharing technology.


The in-house production process is handled through an integrated business system to guarantee the synergy between one production steps to the others. 


As a business with natural resources basis, our concern is also within the environmental renewability and sustainability.