Indonesian Furniture That Cares

The Story That Got Us Care

Most big companies started small, so did we, and so did our vision of becoming an Indonesian Furniture manufacturer that takes care of our business, customers, and the generations to come

We Care About You


We listen to your needs

As our business partners have different needs, your opinions and ideas will be our greatest value in realising a satisfactory work

We provide solutions

You are the core of our business, that is why challenges you have will become our concern. We are committed to provide tailored solution that will benefit you and your business.

We do it easy

By working with us, you can still do other businesses. We will handle your inquiries easily and will proceed them as quickly as possible.

We help you thrive

Through the partnership, we will learn the business from your perspective. Hence, your development as our business partner is in importance apart from ours.

Through Innovation, We Create

We accommodate the rapid change of technological advancement through productivity enhancement, capability improvement, and creativity maximization. As a result, our partners will receive products that suit them in no time.


Our supporting machinery

Research and Development

Boundless Creativity, ongoing innovation

‘Rumah Kayu’

Where your furnitures meet its home

Your Imagination

Our Creation

In-house Production

Our company is handling the entire process of the furniture making to the product packaging

Fit your needs

Our products are fully customizable, therefore they will be perfect for your every need

Insured Quality

Details, design, and quality are our top priorities, hence you will receive our product with guaranteed satisfaction

One-stop furniture company

We will handle the products that you need – whether they are bookshelves, shoe racks, or even houses 

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Our vision and values have always pushed us to drive the business to go beyond just a business. This makes us capable of expanding our reach of focus to include other factors such as community welfare, the environment, and the generation to come. We believe that the future everyone deserves is within our hand.


Welfare. Equality. Community.


Sustainability and beyond


Our next generation